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Our Story

ALPCORP Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2012.

We are a Financial Service Provider and an international trading intermediary, offering our clients (importers & exporters) competitive FX and a fast & reliable payment service, processing and delivering all purchasing payments in a safe and efficient manner.

Our unique ALPCORP Trading Business Platform meets globally recognised regulatory and security standards. On behalf of our clients, we mitigate the need to manage changing national and international regulatory frameworks, allowing our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

We are proud that all our customers recommend us.



Customer Satisfaction

Reasons to Work with Us


Compliance & Security

We aim to align the development of security processes with compliance requirements.

Fast Transactions

Our experience and network enable our fast payments.

Problem Solvers

We focus on finding the best trading solution for you.

Customer Support

Our dedicated service has guaranteed 100% satisfaction from all our clients.